Anatomy & Assessment Lab
The Anatomy & Assessment lab is equipped for us to perform tests such as functional movement screen, postural analysis, occupational functional capacity evaluations, authropometrics and body composition, muscular strength endurance and power, and provides the space to do physical activity counseling and exercise prescriptions and demonstration. 360° View

Exercise Physiology Lab
A CSEP Certified Fitness Centre that is fully equipped to perform advanced physiological and biochemical analyses.  We have two Parvo Metabolic Cart and new ECG, treadmill and load-bike, etc. for teaching and research. Biochemical and molecular biology sample analysis can also be performed in the lab.360° View

Motor Behaviour Lab
The Motor Behaviour lab is a space that enables research into the development of movement skills and the factors that influence how well movement skills are learned and performed. 360° View

Health & Psychology Lab
The Health and Psychology labs include three interview rooms, digital database and audiovisual interview recording.

Sports Injury Assessment and Management (SIAM) Lab
The Sports Injury Assessment and Management (SIAM) Lab provides space for students to perform and practice orthopedic assessment and injury rehabilitation skills. During the varsity season, this space also acts as a “living educational lab” where SIAM students practice their assessment and rehabilitation skills (under the supervision of certified athletic therapists) while working with varsity athletes.

The John MacIntyre mLAB (motion Laboratory of Applied Biomechanics)
This fully equipped motion capture lab uses technology similar to making video games and animation movies. 360° View

Challenge Course
Acadia’s Challenge course begins with excellent program design and relevant curriculum. The multi-structure facility includes high and low level elements.